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Accessibility policy

We want to ensure that our website is accessible to everyone.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the accessibility of this website, please contact us.

For advice about customising your view of this website, visit the BBC’s My Web My Way website or AbilityNet’s My Computer, My Way.

If you need information on this website in Braille, large print or audio, please contact us.

Accessibility help

Changing the size of the text

You can change the size of the text on this site by using the links labelled with an ‘A’ at the top of each page.

You can also change the size of the text using your browser. Go to ‘View’ or ‘Page’ and then ‘Text size’ or ‘Zoom’ to adjust the size of the text. If you have a mouse with a wheel and you have a modern browser, you can also change the size of the text size by holding down ctrl (PC) or command (Mac) key while scrolling up and down with the mouse wheel.

Changing the contrast of the website

We have designed the website to provide as strong a contrast as possible. If you prefer an alternative contrast, you can change the colour of this site to one of eight schemes using the coloured links at the top of each page.

Using the keyboard to move around the website

You can use your keyboard to move between links on each web page. Press Tab once to highlight the next link, and press Shift+Tab to highlight the previous link.

The Tab key will move through the links in the following order:

  1. header – tools navigation
  2. primary navigation
  3. secondary navigation
  4. supporting navigation
  5. main content
  6. footer navigation

You can also use Tab to move through the boxes on the application form.

Using screen readers

This website is compatible with JAWS. JAWS (“Job Access With Speech”) is the most commonly used screen reader. JAWS reads the information displayed on the screen, or entered on the keyboard, aloud.

Using speech recognition software

This website is compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Easy read

There is information about the fund in Easy Read format. Please click here to read this information.

Accessibility standards

Wherever possible, our pages comply with at least Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Many AAA requirements are also met.

This website has been approved by AbilityNet and Plain English Campaign.

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Last updated: July 11, 2012

Case Studies

Read about disabled people who are active in politics.